Wednesday, October 07, 2009

2 Funerals in one week.....

Yuck! This week has been icky! 2 funerals in one week, not directly family, but family none the less!

Jim's uncle passed away from cancer last week. I didn't know him that well, and to hear Jim tell it, his uncle wasn't very nice to his sister (Jim's mom) up until near the end of her life, and then he 'saw the light'. He tried to make amends after that, at least made up for it some...he was a 'nice' man, from what I knew, and he leaves behind lots of grandkids that will not have their Grandpa to go fishing with anymore. ;o(

Then my SIL Erin's father passed away on Monday. He has been fighting hard, and just couldn't fight anymore. He was an amazing man. We saw him on many holidays and all the birthdays of his grandaughters (my nieces). He has been a surrogate father to my brother since our dad passed away, and is just a nice guy! He was a teacher, and co founded a charter high school where kids can really have a chance! He believed that every child was amazing and had the ability to learn and become whatever they wanted to be. He gave amazing gifts of his stories, love and life to his grandaughters!

It is a sad week, compounded by the fact that I feel like crap from this cold that has finally hit me like a ton of bricks! I knew it would come, with everyone else in my house sick. I don't always get it when they do....but when I do, it is miserable. I just hope it is on the downswing now.

OK, just had to get all that out!

Friday, October 02, 2009

The art of stalling at bedtime, by Cari.....

She has become quite the little 'stall' artist...something she no doubt learned from her brother at some point, like just about everything else! ;o) He is pretty good at it himself! But to hear the following comments from the barely 2 year is hard not to laugh:

Cari: Mommy, need to give daddy a kiss.
Me: You already gave daddy a kiss.
Cari: No, anoder (another) one.......
Me: You can give daddy a kiss tomorrow
Cari: Mommy, need to give daddy more cuddles
Me: You already gave daddy cuddles
Cari: NO...MORE daddy miss me!
Me: I am sure he does, but you can give him cuddles tomorrow
Cari: Mommy, I give daddy anoder hug.
Me: That is the same as cuddles....and not is bedtime.
Cari: Mommy I need my water
I get up and get her glass (always have one in her save on stalling)
Me: Here you go....
Cari: No...out there!
Me: Here is your water....
Cari: Aw-uh (like darn, that plan didnt work)
Me: Time for bed now
Cari: Dont' want this blanket, want that one....

And you get the picture! LOL

Well, now I am stalling...the kids and hubby are in is early, but I am beat, so guess more stalling for me! ;o)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Is this bad????

Is it a bad sign that my children are so used to eating out that they behave better in a restaurant than at our own dinner table? Is it bad that they can recognize restaurants as we pass by them, and call them by name?

Is it bad that my 2 year old can see a chilli pepper and yell out "I WUB CHILIS" at the top of her little lungs?

I think it is a sign we eat out WAY too often, although we ARE doing better about it these days. Still, to be driving somewhere and have them naming off places as we pass by them is a little frightening. And if you ask my son where he wants to eat, he names off no less than 5 all price I guess at least we can say they aren't always eating fast food. ;o)

With the weekend coming up, I am sure we will be eating out several times....that is our norm for weekends. We try not to, really we do, but when you are trying to at least not eat out for dinner during the week, it means running errands on the weekends, and if you are already out running errands.......

Also, my hubby's family is very much all about meeting to eat out somewhere. We would much prefer to have everyone over to our house and grill, or everyone bring something and have an impromptu potluck....but nope...they always want to eat out...and rarely do they choose someplace 'inexpensive' such as Wendy's or the like.

Is it bad that we eat at certain places so often that the servers know us by name, AND can bring us our drinks as we walk in the door, without asking what we want?????

I don't know.....but at least I don't have to do the dishes! ;o)