Thursday, January 27, 2011

JJ and school

I suppose it really isn't uncommon for kids in Kindergarten to love school. I mean, it's mostly fun...or at least it was when I was in Kindergarten! But today, kids in Kindergarten are learning what we learned in 1st Grade when I was in school! And yet he still loves it! He lives for work sheets, and 'home work'. Guaranteed that I won't be able to get him to do his homework this willingly in a couple of years! He is a very imaginative, and yet very fact based kid! Most of his library books are non fiction. He likes to know about things. I love that he is so interested in everything! He is especially interested in the human body, and animals of all sorts (including dinosaurs). Other favorites are any kind of construction type vehicle, any kind of rescue type vehicle, and space.
He is loving that he is learning to read and loves having us read him chapter books at bedtime. He is very into the Magic Tree House series. Soon we will have to head back to the Library as we have almost read all the ones he got for Christmas. He enjoys listening to them on CD as well.
He is starting to do math too. He brought home a simple addition worksheet the other day, and he did great. He enjoys music and art specialists the most during the school week. Here is one of his art projects he did recently (only a picture of a picture):

The other day, he came home all excited because he had a 'game' in his backpack. I credit his teacher with telling them this was a game, rather than work, because really it was spelling practice. He brought home a list of 4 sight words and he was supposed to have someone give the words to him and he is supposed to write them. We were supposed to use his favorite cereal as a reward. I told him I didn't have any, but that if he wanted to do it, we could use pennies from the penny jar instead. He was all about we started. We went through his list twice....he had his 8 pennies and then he was trying to 'add rules' to the game so that he would get 2 pennies for each word. I told him he could get 2 pennies for writting words that were NOT on his list. He came away with 30 pennies all totalled, and he was so proud he was bursting!

I better refill the penny jar!


Blogger Julie said...

That is great! I love how our little boys love to learn!!! And I still can't believe they are in kindergarten...HALF WAY through kindergarten!!! WOW!

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