Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sweet Cari Princess

To my darling little girl:

3 years ago today, you graced our lives with your presence and we are so amazed by you every day. You have brought so much joy to our lives. I love your spirit! You are very loving, but always let us know exactly what you think! ;o) You love your brother and worship the ground he walks on! Now it drives him crazy, some day he will appreciate it for what it is! I promise.

You love to walk around making up songs about everything around you, or sing a song you have heard on a show. You love Dora, and your newfound love of all things princess is very cute! I agree with daddy though, if you start changing your clothes 5 times a day, you are learning to do your own laundry! LOL

You are my dare devil, while JJ was always the 'safe' one. You don't seem to care when you get dirty, love playing with trucks and dirt and sand as much as with babies and princess dresses.

You amaze me every day with the things you say and do. Sometimes I forget how old you really are, because you are such a little peanut. ;o) You can rival your brother in the chatter box department, for sure. I love when you guys play together, or work on something together, like a floor puzzle, or play 'rescue heros' together. You don't seem to mind that it is usually JJ's game that you are playing, as long as you get to play.

You are the social are going to love school when you finally get there....because you love playing with other kids, and talking to anyone that will listen. I have no worry that when you go to school you will have to be pulled off my leg crying.....I suspect it will be more like "Bye mom" and you are off to play, never looking back.

I love you, sweet girl, and can't wait to see who you will grow into as you continue on this life journey.

Love, your mommy!


Blogger Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Cari! What a beautiful note from mother to daughter! How can she be 3???

12:19 PM  

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