Sunday, August 22, 2010

A letter to my JJ

My darling little boy,

I have been thinking for a while about writing this, and as you are getting ready to start Kindergarten, now seems the time.

You are my sweet boy - you think of others, and ask about others, you ask questions about things you hear and see on TV, concerned for safety and wellbeing of people you don't know, and never will. I love that you are so caring! You genuinely care about your sister, and while there are those times when you fight, you are so good about trying to help her, and teach her how to do things. It is fun to listen to you try to help her, and watch you develop those 'teaching' skills.

You are my imaginitve boy - you have such a creative mind, loving to play pretend all the time! I love when you pretend to play things like Buzz Lightyear, or your version of Rescue heros. It is fun to watch you develop the characters in your mind and share them with others. I know that your sister and cousins don't always want to play your games, sometimes you are willing to adapt to their 'changes' to your design, other times, you play by yourself, but either way, you are creative, and your imagination will take you anywhere you want to go.

You are my sensetive boy - sometimes too sensetive, as you loose control of your emotions at the drop of a hat at times. But sensetivity goes hand in hand with that sweetness and caring that I love. I know you are anticipating your start of school with both concern and excitement. You are going to LOVE Kindergarten, as you loved preschool, learning about new things, doing projects, and meeting new friends. You are going to be great at it!

You are my smart boy - you have always amazed me at your understanding of thing, thing that you say, and what you know and remember. You remember things that I would never think you would remember, events, facts, etc. You are learning to write, and by the end of this year, I have no doubt you will be reading! You are putting always trying to figure out how words are spelled, sounding them out by yourself.

You are an amazing little (ok big) boy....and I love you so very much! You amaze me every day. I love you!



Blogger Julie said...

This is so precious, Dorrie! I love reading this letter to JJ from your mother's heart. You inspire me to do the same!

Hugs! Can't believe our little (okay big) boys are starting kindergarten! Wow!

6:09 AM  

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