Wednesday, May 10, 2006 a Mothers Day present

from my little man (and my big one). Dh bought me an MP3 player for Mother's day. He knows I struggle at work with not having headphones to drown out the noise around me. I do have some but this will enable me to NOT have all my cds at work with me.....which is very cool! Now, I just have to figure out how to get it to work. We have already put some stuff on it...but of course, he is more focused on the fact that we can't get the listing of song for each cd to show up....I just want the music on my player.

Then because the media player 'wasn't working' according to dh, he has decided to defrag the computer, and all sorts of other stuff. Now I am no longer able to remote into to my work desktop and do my work. Of course, he didn't do anything....hmm...well, it was working 2 hours ago when I was using it. that went from a really nice thing to a huge vent! Yikes....mood swing! Guess it must be the hormones I am so willingly injecting into my body! What I won't do to give JJ a sibling!

Still....all in all the little man is doing well! Poor little guy is cutting his molars though...and he goes from happy to miserable in a fraction of a mother like son???? LOL
Hopefully we will both be over it very soon!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I hate missing out.....

Sometimes I hate that I have to work and miss out on some of the things my little guy does. But I guess I would not be there for every little thing anyway. Apparently yesterday he stood up in his crib at Ann's (SIL who watches him durning the day). That is the first time he has pulled to standing in the crib...although he does it all the time elsewhere. We have been trying to get him to stand in his crib, but most days there isn't time to leave him in the crib long enough to stand up on his own, because we are waking him to leave for daycare before work. Anyway...maybe this weekend he will do it at home!

Also, he apparently had a lady in stitches at Walmart yesterday too...because he heard the duck toy quacking and immediatly recognized it as sounding like his ducky tub/toy. LOL Ann said he yelled 'DUCK' and the lady came over from the next row, and was laughing so hard Ann thought she was going to fall over! He LOVES to immitate sounds...and his duck IS awfully cute! LOL

If I miss his first steps, I will be very unhappy....but I have told Ann I didn't want to know if he does it there first! LOL

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Silly little boy.....

I love that my little guy has a personality showing through! He is so silly is so funny....even certain words make him giggle...must just be the way they sound...but I never thought of the word "shoes" as funny before! He laughs every time I say it! Maybe it is just the way I say it, I don't know.....but it is too cute!

This morning when I dropped him off at Ann's (my SIL who does daycare for us) he was playing with something across the room, and I said "mama has to go now"...before I could even say another word he comes out with "ba-ba" (bye bye) and a quick wave with his back to me...couldn't even be bothered to turn around! LOL When I asked him for a 'kissy' he made kissing noises, again without turning around. Too funny! I am so glad he is happy there and I don't have to worry about leaving him. At least I got a kiss, a wave and a smile when I left!