Friday, September 08, 2006

I swear, he is soooo smart!

I am not just saying that, as his mom, well, maybe I am, but I have a right! LOL

I just love that he will 'communicate' things in his own little way! We were at the pet store the other night, getting some things for the puppy, but also cat food for the cat....whom JJ loves! So, rather than telling him we had to go shopping for the puppy again (since he isn't really sure if he likes Smokey or not), I told him we needed food for Pepper so she can eat. As we are driving the cart around the store, he looked up at me and the following "conversation" ensued:

JJ: "Mama"
Mommy: "Yes JJ"
JJ: "Tita" (his word for kitty), and signed
Mommy: Yes, we need to get food for Pepper. Should we get her a toy to play with too?
JJ: Very excitedly nodding his head

Too funny....we had been looking around the store so long, I think he thought I was forgetting our purpose. ;o) And he felt it his duty to remind me.

He also tells me all about what he does during the day.....all of it amazes me!

And one of these days he is going to walk! I just know it!!!!! LOL

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My poor baby!!!!

This next two weeks is going to be shear hell.....well, that is what I thought on Tuesday anyway. My normal daycare person (aka my sister in law) is on vacation. She has watched JJ since he was 6 weeks old (he is almost 17 months old now)...and other than for a few hours, really the only one he has ever stayed with for any length of time. For the next 2 weeks (well, ok, now only 6 more days) he is going to a temporary daycare, a lady from our church who does daycare at home. I know he will be safe and well cared for by her, and I trust her. But he doesn't know her from Adam, and I just knew he was going to cry and cry and cry. I told her this, and she said...oh...he will be ok...

I called on Tuesday (the first day of this hell) at about 10:30. I dropped him off at 7. I asked how he was doing. 'Still crying', she said. I said "Still, as in, since I dropped him off?" "Yeah, pretty much" Oh no!!! I was in tears as I drove away from dropping him off, and now all I wanted to do was run back and get him and cuddle with him all afternoon! Poor little guy. But, by later in the day, when I talked to my dh after he picked him up, I found out that JJ had slept for 2.5 hours, which is good for him.....well, geez...if you had cried for 4 hours straight, you would sleep for 2.5 hours too. But at least he napped! It was just as hard a day for mommy as it was for JJ!

2nd day, he cried the second we pulled up in front of the house. I though, oh..this is not going to be good. I stayed a little longer this time, hoping that would help....even when dropping him off w/ sis in law, I would usually sit for a few minutes and chat, etc. So I got some extra cuddle time, and talked to the Shelly a bit more (yesterday I dropped and ran, it was all I could do to keep from crying in front of her!). He was crying the whole time, and cried when she peeled him off of me, and I left! I didn't call her during the day either, because I couldn't bare to know that he was crying all morning again! But, apparently he did better! So this is progress!

Day 3 - this morning. I started talking about Shelly's house right away, we are going bye bye in the car to Shelly's house, what are you going to do at Shelly's house today...etc etc.... He started whimpering before we even left the house, and was cuddling into my shoulder anytime I was holding him. He didn't want to get into the car, and he didn't want me to get into the frontseat of the car. On the way there, we were singing songs and talked about 'singing songs as Shelly's house'....we pulled up, and he started to fuss, but it was all pretty much more fake this time....whimpering but no tears, etc. I think we are actually doing better today! And low and behold....he 'cried' the whole time I was talking to Shelly, but when it came time and I said, mommy has to go to work now...he actually leaned over to her with his arms out and let her take him willingly!!!! Ok, so never mind that he was actually crying now, he still didn't have to be pealed off of me!!!

Ok...I know Monday is going to be tough after the weekend, but at least we have come this far, and we only have 6 days left!!!! ;o)

Oh...the last week that SIL is on vacation, we are going camping....that will be another fun experience all in itself!!!

Long time.....lots to share

Wow...been a while. Reading over my last post, we have solved the sleeping problem.....rather than putting him down for a late nap, daddy takes him out for a bike ride! Novel idea...spend time with him rather than put him to sleep! Just kidding because my dh is actually a great daddy!

We bought a bike trailer, and now JJ loves to ride behind daddy and loves to wear his helmet! And all that fresh air means he sleeps good too! Not sure WHAT we will do in the winter! This is MN after all! Yikes!

His new favorite thing, besides bike rides w/ daddy, is to go for a walk to the park w/ mom after work, or on weekends, and look for squirrels on the way! He is so funny....he actually can tell me that is what he wants to do, never mind he doesn't actually 'say it' in so many words (or any words at all). It goes something like this:

Mommy: you want to wear your hat?
Mommy: You want to go outside?
Mommy: You want to see the squirrels?
JJ: and then says 'ing'!
Mommy: You want to look for squirrels on our way to the park to swing?
JJ: Big grin and dances, very excitedly!!!!

I LOVE that!!!!!