Friday, July 28, 2006

New animals, and kisses....

My sweet little guy...what a cutie...he has the best 'animals'...LOL Impressions that is! I think I listed out the animal sounds he makes in another post, but there are some new ones! I particularly like his 'lion' and the fact that it doesn't sound anything like the 'bear'. LOL Also, I guess Ann is working on rooster, but I haven't heard that yet. He does a turkey, thanks to Grandpa. ;o) He also knows what a sheep says, but it is very funny, because unlike his other animals, which he does with such is how the sheep goes. "JJ what does a sheep say?" "Baa Baa Baa" He says it as if to say "blah blah blah" LOL And he does it very quickly and then moves on to something else! Too cute!

The other cute thing he does is to blow everyone kisses. Anything he likes gets a kiss, sometimes a full blown "blown kiss", sometimes just passing "kiss" as he is playing with something, and sometimes, if he really likes something, he bends over and kisses and cuddles could be anything....the cat, mom or dad, other family, a stuffed animal, or some hard toy that he is playing with at the moment. But the blown kisses are the best! He sends that kiss on its way, and when you send one back, he 'catches it' by putting his hand on his face! And if you don't pretent to 'catch' his kisses, he gets this hurt look! My little sweet heart!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My little man......

He got a hair cut over the weekend! Not the first, but still, with each clip, he went from baby to little boy! It was amazing the transfomation! He is the love of my life (well, him and dh) and his smile lights up my day like no other! In the same token, when he is not feeling well - teeth, cold, just tired, whatever, and he is takes all my patience to remember why he is being that isn't his fault...unless he just refused to eat his favorite dinner, and take a nap...then it is a little his fault! LOL

He is starting to really learn how to communicate his wants to us....he gestures and signs to us all the time....probably some we don't even know about yet....I really have to pay attention to make sense of some of them, but I will get it eventually!

My happy little boy, I just can't get over the fact that he came from me....and dh....and after all our struggles, trials, and tribulations....we are parents! It blows me away!

Monday, July 17, 2006

You would think we could get a tiny break

from the whole teething thing!!! I mean, so far we have been teething non stop since he was 4 months old! And I say WE and mean it, because even if we don't feel the physical pain, we definitly feel it in other ways!

I feel horrible...It was so hot here all weekend, and I was so short with him on Saturday night..he was just in a horrible mood (being up late late the night before didn't help), and I was crabby because I was hot, and nothing I was doing was helping....and rather that being inside in the air conditioned camper, he wanted to be outside in 95 degrees and what must have been about 80% humidity (I am totally guessing, but it sure seemed like it!)

Sunday morning wouldn't you know, it seems we have a cold, AND a new tooth coming through! Dang, the last 2 molars aren't even all the way through yet, and now the eye teeth are coming! Poor little guy! He didn't sleep well at all Saturday night....thus we didn't sleep well, last night was better, he was up and crying once or twice, and I was about to get up and go rock with him, and then he went back to sleep. Then after about 1:30 or so, we didn't hear anything from him until we woke him for the day.

Ok....I really just want the teething to be done.....can I fast forward just that part of his development????

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ok...bad mommy!

I haven't posted any new news about my little man here in 2 months! He is 15 months old today! I can't believe it!

He is so very very close to walking, and has taken a few steps but refuses to just let go and do it! He can do it, he has done it at daycare (or so Aunty Ann says) but refuses to do it at home. I guess that isn't to out of the ordinary.

He love music and doing animal imitations....he has such cute animals! LOL I love his 'bunny'. He wrinkles up his whole face and opens and closes his mouth in an effort copy mommy wiggling her nose. LOL and his newest, is the turtle, w/ Ann taught him. He shruggs his shoulders (turtle pulling into his shell) sometimes he only does one shoulder and the head tilts to the side, and it is sooo cute! I need to get that all on video, before we lose it! ;o)

All totalled, I can think of 11 animals he signs or imitates: duck, mouse, pig, bear, snake, lizard, fish, squirrel, turtle, puppy, bunny. He is learning new signs all the time too, and has come up with one of his own. He signs music by moving his head back and forth to the side. He does that when he hears music, or when he wants to hear music, like if he wants me to sing to him. ;o) He also signs, more, all done, please, eat, and light. He has between 5 and 10 words as well, he says: hi, hey, mama, dada (daaad) , nana (which doubles for food (num num) and bedtime (night night), (At one time it also meant Ann), Ina (for Aunty Ann's dog Tina) and the newest word "buba" for bubbles! He likes me to blow bubbles in the bathtub.

He is doing great in the bathtub as well! He is much more tolerant of me washing his hair, and I have just gotten him used to washing the soap out by dumping the water over his head. I think it will help a ton when we actually manage to get him started in tot swimming. I hope to start that soon!

Oh...he has all of his molars now, but one is still not quite all the way through. It has been the source of much crabbiness lately! Plus, supposedly Ann saw his gums swollen where the eye teeth are, so I suppose those are coming soon too! I hope those are quick, and we are done with teeth for a while!

Better stop for now, but that is the latest on my little guy! Oh...and I got more stuff for mother's day...including a talking picture frame, where dh recorded JJ saying 'ama'! So sweet!