Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My little man.......

He is walking everywhere..put him down in the store last night....he walked by himself for a bit...then grabbed my hand. ;o) It was cute!

He is too funny.....he has picked up on what daddy says to the puppy.....when he wants his attention, Jim says 'hut' to the dog....now JJ says 'hut hut', and occasionally, 'hut hut, heal' It is way to cute! That and he started to say his cousin's name this weekend "Ella"...just out of the blue! It was very cute, and she sure was proud! LOL

He is also my 'helper'...he says it, and loves to be called a helper!!! He gets this proud look, and points to himself and says 'helper'! ;o)

We cut our Christmas tree on Sunday.....he was dressed like a little lumberjack, and we got some cute pics of us, and him, in front of the tree. We have yet to finish decorating it....we have the first string of lights on. He was up late Saturday night, so Sunday he was crabby, and didn't want to walk. I had to carry him everywhere through the tree farm, etc.....but oh well...it was still fun! ;o)

He is just getting so big......I don't have a baby any more, that's for sure! ;o) A little sad about that, and yet it is just so fun to watch him learn and explore new things, say new words, discover new sounds......so I will deal with him getting bigger and older, gracefully! ;o)

Monday, November 13, 2006

I have such a sweet heart!

JJ has been just a sweet, lovey little guy lately. He must have sensed how much mommy needed those hugs, kisses and cuddles! Of course, I think he was also afraid I was going to leave him with someone strange again....after Thursday, I think he was a bit traumatized. We will see if he remembers the house when we go for Thanksgiving in little more than a week. I hope not! If he does, hopefully he will be reassured when there is a houseful of people, and we are not going anywhere!

JJ also missed daddy this weekend.....so I think that was another reason I got more cuddles than usual. But he was particularly 'kiss-y' too. LOL It has been pretty sweet!

I don't know what I would do without him...I still struggle when he isn't around...but at least when I have him to focus on, I don't have time to think of much else. Over all, I am doing ok....today was rough at work....several people who knew what happened made sure I knew just how much they were here for me....and one who has no clue was being annoying, but that is nothin new...just annoying for a different reason. LOL

Saturday, November 11, 2006

No baby in June after all.......

JJ;s world will be just the same as always come June after all (reference to previous entry)....he won't be a big brother then....hopefully a couple months later maybe....if all goes well...like say October??? Anyway....thank goodness I have him, because if I didn't I would be a mess right now.

I do feel sad, a little lost when I don't have him to focus my attention on (like right now...he is napping) etc...but we are having a good time while daddy is away hunting. Of course, I am always a little anxious when Jim is hunting, afraid something could happen....they are always careful, etc....and I trust them, but there are other people out there that are not so smart, careful, etc. I just pray each time he goes that he comes home safely to me!

Anyway....I am hopeful that he will be a big brother sometime in the next year or so....I hope so anyway! We have 6 tries left with our insurance, and then we are done, and will focus on having JJ and being good parents to our little miracle!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

My little man's world is going to be rocked come June!!

Wow...he isn't going to know what hit him! If he thought having a new puppy was bad....just wait! Thank goodness he will be older by then and hopefully will be able to understand! It will be great later that they are so close in age....not much different than my brothers were and they were always close!

JJ is walking all over now! All of a sudden he just decided he was going to do it. He is still tenetive at times...like he needs to be in the right mood....doesn't like to walk out of his room first thing in the morning....at least not during the week when we are kind of rushing the wake up process.

Hopefully this weekend at mom's will be fun for both of us...and he will be willing to spend a little time hanging out with Grandma while I go to the bathroom or take a shower! HA! I guess time will tell!

I just love that little guy to death! How can I possibly love another one as much???? I am sure I will, but honestly it worries me that I will show favoritism to one or the other, even if I try not to..or don't intend to. I hope if I do, someone points it out to me!