Monday, May 31, 2010

Preschooler no more......

JJ is now a Kindergartener! Graduation was last week, he did a great job in the program. He was so cute singing along with his friends. At the Christmas program he stood there, but wouldn't sing, but this time, he sang along and did great. He is always worried he is going to do it wrong. We have been working a lot on the idea that he isn't good enough or doesn't do it right....makes me sad that he feels that way. It is getting better though.

He has grown so much this last year. Learned so much. Changed so much. He is starting to read some words. He has a million questions about how thing work or why things are the way they are. Most of the time I can't answer them, but he pushed me to really think about it anyway. "I don't know why, JJ" "But why do you THINK mom?"

He is doing amazing in swimming too, so much so that last weekend when we went to the beach, he went out and played with daddy and his cousins in the water. VOLUNTARILY! He was in up to his chest, and Jim said he had to rein him in! This from the kid who 2 years ago screamed bloody murder at the very thought of putting his toe in the water while being carried, and last summer barely would walk on the edge.

Not to be out done, Cari loves the water too. She is getting a little more comfortable than I would like, but at least was willing to hold a hand and walk in it, rather than try to go it alone!

We were all excited to go swimming again this weekend....poor JJ will have to miss out this time around. I will post about that shortly.