Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How can it be 5 years?????

How can it possible be 5 years since I first held my little guy for the first time. Well, officially he was born at 5:36pm so not quite yet at the time of this posting. But 5 years? A year ago someone mentioned the fact that Kindergarten wasnt' that far away, and that was the first realization that yes, he indeed was growing up. This fall he started preschool and has come so far, matured so much!

JJ is my sensetive (overly his dad might say), intelligent, creative little boy, who isn't so little anymore. We have in the past several months, registered him for Kindergarten, enrolled him in swimming (as read in previous blog entries), and so many other things. He loves to pretend he is going on rescue missions, he can be heared refering to his cousin and sister as 'Rescuer Rachel' or Rescuer Cari', and they think "roger" is a person, not something you say to mean, "ok, yep, I got it". He loves his TV, but at the same time, once it is on, he uses that to further launch his on imagination. He loves his little sister, but at the same time, gets very irritated when she won't listen to him (join the crowd, buddy), and has recently been heard yelling "CAR-O-LYN!!!" at her when he wants her attention! He is learning to read, loves trying to spell words, and delights in telling his cousin Rachel that he is now 5 too (she is 9 months older and can be rather bossy at times!)

He is often timid at trying something new, but once he does, he usually is happy he did. Which of course helps with the next time something new comes along!

Little man, I love you more than you could ever know, or I could ever express. As daddy and I often tell you, it is not our job to be your friend or make you happy all of the time, but rather keep you safe, and help you grow into a respectful, thoughtful and polite young person who makes 'good choices'. You are well on your way, and I am so proud of how far you have come!