Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swimming lessons Part 2

You know....I can rave and rave about JJs swim teacher and the school, but will never do it justice. They managed to get my little boy, who is terrifed of water, into the water the first day, and last week, he was going in off the side of the pool (with lots of help, but still did it, and was willing to try and didn't give up!) This place is truely the best money we have ever spent on ANYTHING hands down, in my opinion!

And to have JJ come out of the pool saying "I wish my lessons were longer" and "I wish I had swimming lessons every day", well, I never ever thought I would hear those words come out of his mouth.

You probably have to have SEEN him near water in the past to grasp the full reality of how amazing this really is to me! He has been carried into water, with a deathgrip on his daddy or I, for fear of it. He has screamed terrifed screams at the mear thought of going in the water....lake, pool, or otherwise. Just last summer he finally walked NEAR the edge of the lake while playing at the beach, on his own, with no coaxing or suggestion from us. That was a big step. He even walked in it a little.....HUGE!

Just thinking about the terror on his face and now how far he has come in 2 little half hour lessons....brings tears to my eyes.

I have a video I plan to post, but haven't had time to take it off my camera yet. Stay tuned for that........ ;o)


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