Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What would I do with out him???

I should be happy, it is the holiday's, my little boy is so excited about all the lights, cookies, and he hasn't even seen the presents yet! And I am nothing but crabby.

If I didn't have him, I don't know what I would do......he is such a light! His latest 'cute thing' is that he says, 'uppalulu' when he wants to be picked up. Where did that come from, you ask? I always say 'uppydoodle' when I pick him up, and that is his version! It is soo cute!!!! That and he wants to stand on the couch, facing the back, and jump, holding on, and he says 'hop hop', over and over. And now that he is walking (almost running) from room to room....he is starting to do other things like turning in circles.....to the point of getting dizzy....it is so funny!

He loves to 'help' and be called a 'helper'. He runs around saying 'helper' all the time.

We say prayers at night, and he names all the people in his prayer that he can say.....over and over again!

I have to write these things down, lest I forget! That is my little guy.....the light of my life!