Monday, August 07, 2006

His newfound desire

not to sleep is going to drive me nutty! maybe I shouldn't have put him down for a nap at 4pm and let him sleep for 2 maybe about it....but still...11pm again???? I put him to bed late, since he slept later, so we started bedtime about 9. We were out for walks yesterday and everything, and still, he didn't go to sleep until almost 11. And then at 12 or a little after, was fussing...for the 3rd or 4th, I made the decision then and there....MOTRIN! OK...I had been hoping he wouldn't need it, so I didn't give it before bed....darn if that wasn't just dumb!

Once we had that, he was out...but man, that kind of sleep just doesn't do it for me! So, no more than an hour nap in the late afternoon, and then we will see what happens. I probably should have given him a bath too..the might have helped....but I didn't so.....

Poor little isn't his fault that mother nature insists that they have to get teeth! LOL Of course, they need them...but we have been going through this for almost a year now...almost non stop....maybe a couple weeks here and there where he hasn't been bothered by teething.

Well....hopefully this one will be through soon.....1 down 3 to go....;o(