Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas fun....

I was just looking at a lot of my friends blogs and thinking, wow...no one has updated in a while...then looked at the date of my last post....LOL. I guess I haven't for a while either....must be the holidays!

Christmas is over for most, only half over for us, as we still have another side of the family to go....there will be at least as much loot hauled home to find room for as there was from the Fleisher side....plus we get to stay at Grandma's for 2 days, and play with all the cousins! ;o) FUN!

The kids have been enjoying the holidays. This was the first year we have ever (since Jim and I have been married) had Christmas Eve as just us, our little family! It was nice...although not what I had envisioned.

We went to church, as I had to sing a the 4pm service. So after church we went home. I looked at Jim, and he looked at me and we both said....so what do we want to have for dinner. So, what was our special Christmas Eve dinner, you ask???? McDonalds! Yes, you read that right....McDonalds. The kids were happy anyway. We also had not baked ANY cookies for Santa, much to JJ's lament, so we HAD to do that before bed.....he was just beside himself that there would be no cookies for Santa. Thankfully we had mixed up some cookies earlier in the week, just hadn't had a chance to bake them. But of course, Andes Mint cookies were NOT what he wanted to leave for Santa. "NO...MOM! We have to have sugar cookies with sprinkles!" OH man! I am NOT rolling out sugar cookies at 8pm on Christmas Eve.....especially when they aren't even mixed yet. So, we cheated and did the kind you roll in balls and smash with a glass.....the glass was dipped in red and green sugar. That will have to do guys.....that's all we have time for!

So, they helped me mix and bake 2 pans, and then it was off to bed....but first, Daddy had to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas"....which had been specially purchased for the occasion! ;o)

Once they were in bed, "Santa" still had to wrap his presents, as that hadn't been done yet. And we had stuff to get ready for the next day, since we were to be at Jim's brothers house at 10am, and the kids still had all our presents to open in the morning!

The next morning, I was up before Cari (rarely happens without the aid of an alarm clock) and got my shower in before she woke up. Then she was up, and hanging out with me, daddy got up and then we got JJ up....he doesn't like to be woke up, but since it was Christmas, he made an exception! ;o) He got up and they were all excited to check out their stockings and open presents.

I think JJ managed to 'try out' almost everything before we had to leave. We didn't give them that much...they get so much from all the aunties and uncles on both sides, so it seems silly to buy them so much stuff when they really don't know the difference. We do plan to get them one big thing together later, after we see what everyone else got.

Over all, Christmas was a fun time. Some fighting over new toys, but in general, good will toward each other! ;o) They were even more polite to each other for some reason (most of the time).....I don't know if they were buttering each other up so they could play with each other's toys or what? ;o)