Wednesday, March 07, 2007

JJ is a Daddy!!!

We went and got him a baby doll is the whole story:

Saturday night, JJ and I went with Jim to church so he could do some last minute clean up before services Sunday morning. JJ and I played in the nursery for an hour, and there was a baby doll. JJ loved pushing the baby around in the 'stroller' and playing with baby...he rocked it in the rocking chair, and sang 'EIO' to it! It was super cute! When we had to leave, he didn't want to leave the baby there! We told him he could see it again next time we went to church. Well, JJ decided that he was going to get up at 6:10 on Sunday, which meant we were up in plenty of time to get to church (we weren't sure if we were going to go or not), so we went, and all through service, he says, 'go see baby' at every change in the service, every time we sat down, stood up, music started, music stopped, etc! LOL We went to see the baby after church, and again, he didn't want to leave it. So, we decided right then and there that we were on a mission to find JJ a baby, and went straight to Toys R Us! We got him one of those Newborn Cabbage Patch dolls! He LOVES it! It was so cute, he fell alseep in the car yesterday with the baby on his chest! Oh...and of course, guess what the baby's name is......'Baby JJ'....named by JJ himself!!! LOL son is a daddy....does that make me a Grandma??? LOL